New Sod Thinning Out: 7 Causes + How to Fix

Thinning grass isn’t anyone’s dream for a healthy, beautiful lawn that feels good on your feet. Therefore, it’s only understandable to worry when your new sod is thinning out.   That will likely have you wondering what could be causing the problem and how you can fix it and revive your grass. Different causes can … Read more

How to Make a Homemade Weed Killer (Safe for Pets)

Weeds are a natural enemy for anyone with a garden or a lawn because they can ruin all your hard work. These unwanted plants are persistent and hence grow even on perfect lawns. Manual weeding is the most effective way to keep weeds off, but it is time-consuming and sometimes backbreaking, so why not make … Read more

How Do You Tamp New Sod?

It’s both disheartening and wasteful if your lawn doesn’t establish a strong root system, as that compromises its health. This is why soil tamping is essential when laying sod since it ensures there’s good contact between sod roots and soil, but how do you tamp down new sod? You tamp new sod by slamming down … Read more

Is It Good To Water Grass After Mowing?

While mowing the grass is a necessary part of lawn maintenance, it’s a stressful exercise, and so your grass needs to recover afterward. I’m sure you already know the importance of properly watering your grass, but knowing when to do it is just as important, so is it good to water grass after mowing? Yes, … Read more

Why Does My Grass Look Like Wheat?

You could easily think your lawn has weeds when your grass goes through the seed stage, but don’t be in a rush to apply weed killers because this is a natural process. “Why does my grass look like wheat?” is a common question homeowners ask. Your grass looks like wheat because it is going through … Read more

How to Get Rid of Creeping Charlie in Lawn and Garden

The qualities that make creeping Charlie a suitable ground cover plant- resilience, adaptability, low maintenance, and ability to grow a dense mat- make it a nuisance. Give this aggressive plant some room, and it will quickly take over your garden or lawn and even creep into your neighbor’s yard. Therefore, unless you intensionally planted creeping … Read more

Why Does Some Grass Appear Greener Than Others?

Have you ever looked out at your lawn and wondered why some grass appear greener than others? It’s frustrating to see your efforts to maintain a beautiful lawn fall short, and you’re not alone. The appearance of your grass isn’t just an aesthetic concern; it’s also an indicator of the health of your lawn. Understanding … Read more

Can You Be Fined For Not Mowing Your Lawn?

Before you neglect your grass, you should know a few things. Apart from the grass overgrowing and harboring pests and diseases, you may face legal battles that make you ask: can you be fined for not mowing your lawn? You can be fined for not mowing your lawn in some cities because it violates basic … Read more

When Can You Walk On New Sod

Installing new sod can be an exciting and rewarding process for homeowners who want to transform their lawn into a lush and green oasis. While the end result is worth the wait, one of the most common questions people ask is when can they start walking on the new sod. It’s strongly recommended that you … Read more