When To Mow New Sod

Mowing your new sod too early or waiting too long can impair the proper growth of your grass. It’s common to be worried when it comes to sod first mow because improperly doing it can destroy the sod. One of the most important things to know is when to mow new sod. You should wait … Read more

When Can You Walk On New Sod

Installing new sod can be an exciting and rewarding process for homeowners who want to transform their lawn into a lush and green oasis. While the end result is worth the wait, one of the most common questions people ask is when can they start walking on the new sod. It’s strongly recommended that you … Read more

Why is My New Sod Turning Brown?

When you install new sod, the goal is to have a green, lush lawn, so it can be heartbreaking if you start seeing brown spots on your grass. It’s easy to panic when this happens, but first, you need to figure out why new sod is turning brown. The main reasons as why your new … Read more

Laying Sod Next To Existing Grass

Typically, you have to prepare your lawn before laying new sod to give it the best chance of taking root quickly and maturing first. However, is it possible to lay sod next to existing grass to renew your lawn, fill the sparse areas, and grow a thick healthy lawn? If you have specific areas of … Read more

Can Sod Grow In Shade?

It’s undoubtedly rare for your lawn to be fully covered with shade, but when laying sod, you must account for the parts with shade. Typically, your grass requires sunlight to thrive, so having shade in your yard can be problematic, but can sod grow in shade? Yes, sod can grow in shade but you must … Read more

Should You Fertilize New Sod?

We all know that fertilizers do wonders in the growth of plants, and they also boost their overall health, making them essential ingredients in gardening. While new sod greatly benefits from nutrients, the critical question is, should you fertilize new sod? You shouldn’t apply fertilizer to new sod immediately after installation as that could cause … Read more

New Sod Watering Schedule {How Often}

You might as well give up laying new sod if you don’t plan to water it appropriately, especially during the first 2 weeks. A fresh sodded lawn demands sufficient watering to avoid yellowing and death, but how often to water new sod? You should water the newly sodded lawn at least twice daily for about … Read more

How Long Does it Take For Sod to Take Root?

If you are an impatient person like me, having to wait for the sod to take root and eventually have that lush green lawn doesn’t sound so appealing. However, at the end of the day, stepping on my fully grown, stunning lawn puts a huge grin on my face, but that aside, how long does … Read more