Can You Lay Sod Without Tilling?

Are you tired of the back-breaking work of tilling your lawn before laying sod? What if we told you there was a way to achieve a lush green lawn without tilling? That’s right, you can lay sod without tilling, and we’re here to tell you how. In this blog post, we will explore the significance … Read more

New Sod Thinning Out: 7 Causes + How to Fix

Thinning grass isn’t anyone’s dream for a healthy, beautiful lawn that feels good on your feet. Therefore, it’s only understandable to worry when your new sod is thinning out.   That will likely have you wondering what could be causing the problem and how you can fix it and revive your grass. Different causes can … Read more

How Do You Tamp New Sod?

It’s both disheartening and wasteful if your lawn doesn’t establish a strong root system, as that compromises its health. This is why soil tamping is essential when laying sod since it ensures there’s good contact between sod roots and soil, but how do you tamp down new sod? You tamp new sod by slamming down … Read more

When Can You Walk On New Sod

Installing new sod can be an exciting and rewarding process for homeowners who want to transform their lawn into a lush and green oasis. While the end result is worth the wait, one of the most common questions people ask is when can they start walking on the new sod. It’s strongly recommended that you … Read more

Can Too Much Rain Hurt New Sod?

It’s an exciting time for you and your new sod when it rains, as that ensures your lawn receives sufficient moisture to facilitate growth and eases your job of watering the grass. However, you must ask yourself, can too much rain hurt new sod? Yes, if sod is subjected to heavy rainfall shortly after you’ve laid … Read more

Can You Overseed New Sod?

The effort that goes into preparing the area and installing new sod will go to waste if you fail to care for your newly installed lawn. When it comes to annual lawn maintenance, overseeding or reseeding is a crucial part but a new concept to new homeowners hence the question, can you overseed new sod? … Read more

Can You Lay Sod Over Sand? (Do this FIRST)

You will have a peaceful time working on sandy soils because they drain well and warm up quickly. However, they are acidic, have poor drainage, and are deficient in essential plant nutrients and thus leading us to ask, can you lay sod over sand? You can only lay sod over sand if you first improve … Read more

How to Prevent Weeds From Growing in New Sod

Generally, weeds should not emerge in new sod since high-quality, premium sod is free of weeds, so you can start a green, fresh lawn of weed-free, healthy grass. Nonetheless, weeds can be a nuisance, especially if you don’t kill them before laying sod, so how to prevent weeds from growing in new sod? The best … Read more

Watering New Grass Seed: How Much Water

Without water, the effort and money you put into planting new grass seeds on your lawn will be futile. Proper watering will help transform your otherwise bland-looking yard into a tiny paradise in your home with lush green grass, but you must know how long and how much water your new lawn will need. You … Read more