Sedum: The Ultimate Low-Maintenance Lawn

There are plenty of reasons for shifting from traditional grass to alternative ground cover, including minimizing lawn work and adding color to your lawn. You have multiple excellent options for grass alternatives, including Sedum. Sedum is a great choice for people looking for a colorful, low-maintenance lawn, especially in dry areas. This plant flourishes even … Read more

Corsican Mint Lawn {Pros And Cons}

Imagine being surrounded by a heady, vibrant, minty aroma whenever you walk on your lawn and walking a soft, flat carpet. This is what a Corsican mint ground cover gets you. This Mediterranean- native plant is a popular alternative ground cover. The highly versatile plant can be an excellent addition to your lawn or garden, … Read more

Dichondra Lawn Pros and Cons

Ground covers are gaining popularity as grass substitutes because they are easy to maintain. Also, as a gardener, you can make the most out of a ground cover. Dichondra lawn is no exception! Dichondra lawn is a perennial lawn cover alternative that grows into a beautiful green carpet-like mat. It brings aesthetic ambiance to your … Read more

Micro-clover Lawn {Pros and Cons}

While many people consider clover a weed today, this has not always been the case. In the 50s, it was regarded as the standard for lawn care excellence, but the plant died when people began killing weeds with herbicides. Nonetheless, you can move away from the norm (planting grass on your lawn) and consider introducing … Read more

Creeping Thyme Lawn {Pros And Cons}

Does taking care of a grass lawn seem like a nightmare since watering, mowing, and performing general maintenance is labor-intensive and time-consuming? The good news is that you do not have to plant grass in your yard since there are multiple ground cover types, including growing a creeping thyme lawn. Creeping thyme creates a fragrant, … Read more

10 Cheap Alternatives to Grass Lawn

The most commonly used ground cover for the back and front yards is grass, and if well-kept, it makes lawns beautiful, healthy, and perfect grounds to spend time outdoors. Although traditional grass offers plenty of benefits, they also come with some disadvantages, so it makes sense to consider eco-friendly grass lawn alternatives. Taking care of … Read more