How To Get Rid Of Moles In Yard With Boric Acid

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With so many methods of killing moles available, it can be tricky to choose one that will work well on your lawn and render it ground-mole free.

Among the many effective methods is using boric acid, a naturally occurring chemical that has been used for many generations to eliminate pests.

To get rid of moles in yard with boric acid, get boric acid and dip some baits into it. After that, place baits inside the mole tunnels.

Alternatively, apply boron fertilizer to your grass or pour boric acid into the ground mole holes.

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Getting rid of moles is a time-consuming and pretty frustrating task, especially if you opt for not-very-effective methods. Boric acid is a safe and effective method and among the greatest yard mole killers.

How To Get Rid Of Moles In Yard With Boric Acid

how to get rid of moles in yard with boric acid

Boric acid can be used in three ways to kill moles. In this section, we will discuss these methods to help you get a better understanding of them and effectively apply them on your lawn.

1. Pour Boric Acid Into The Mole Holes

When moles invade your lawn, they dig tunnels and leave behind volcanic-like soil mass on the surface. Since these creatures often stay underground, getting rid of them is challenging.

However, you can effectively remove moles from your lawn by pouring boric acid into the holes. This is the simplest but intimidating method, but if done correctly will transform your yard into a mole-free space.

You only need a small amount of borax, thus rendering this method quite cost-effective. Another advantage is that it allows you to reach the moles in their habitat, making it unsafe to stay in, driving them away.

Flooding the tunnels with a water and borax mixture will work effortlessly since the borax will be absorbed into the soil. Moles cannot stand the smell of boric acid, and its sting will indeed have these rodents escaping your lawn.

Applying this homemade mole poison is most effective if the infestation is on a small scale. Moles also die from ingesting boric acid.

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2. Use Boron Fertilizers

Moles invade your yard in search of food, consuming earthworms, insects, and grubs, and if your lawn supplies these creatures in abundance, moles will make it their home. If you suspect or notice the presence of moles in your yard, consider using boron fertilizer on your grass to get rid of moles and other insects and also supply boron to the soil.

Besides killing moles, boron fertilizer will also kill other insects, depriving the moles of their food sources, making your lawn unconducive for survival.

You must practice caution when applying boron fertilizer on your lawn because misusing it can damage your grass. Modest quantities will do the trick of ridding your yard of moles, so there’s no point in overdoing it.

You can blend boron into dry fertilizers like 0-14-42 or 0-0-60. If you use dry boron fertilizer, broadcast it along with other types of fertilizer and work it into the soil.

Boron fertilizers usually include borate granular (14% boron) and borax (11% boron). In addition, solubor that has 20% boron liquid is foliar applied.

Don’t apply boron fertilizer if your grass, including small grains, turf, pasture, corn, or hay, is sown immediately after application.

To make an effective liquid boron fertilizer, mix 10 parts water with 1 part boron and apply it cautiously to your lawn. The moles will die soon once they burrow in the soil contaminated with boric acid.

Once you finish applying boron fertilizer on your lawn, make sure you dispose of the unused batch or store it in safe place kids, and pets cannot access.

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3. Soak Insect Bait In Boric Acid

You can bait moles into consuming boric acid by soaking insect baits in boric acid to create mole poison and placing them in the mole holes. This solution will not only kill some of the moles but also make the rest leave your lawn soon after.

Don’t make the baiting solution too concentrated because that will raise suspicion among the moles, making them avoid it, rendering it ineffective. In addition, don’t fall for the common misconception that the internal organs of moles can jam from consuming chewing gum, causing them to burst.

Chewing gum will not kill moles, so don’t use it as bait, and remember, moles will choose earthworms, grubs, and other insects over chewing gum.

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Will Boric Acid Get Rid Of Moles?

Yes, boric acid will get rid of moles in your lawn. Get boric acid and dip some baits into it then place baits inside the mole tunnels.

Boric acid for moles can be applied in fertilizer or flooding the solution in the mole tunnels. Boric acid is also called borax sometimes, and it’s proven to be effective in killing moles and other annoying insects.

You must be careful when handling boric acid because it’s hazardous to humans, so put on safety gear like protective gloves before applying it to your lawn. Poisoning caused by boric acid can be chronic or acute, with symptoms including diarrhea, blue-green vomit, fever, blisters, drowsiness, seizures, and a bright red rash.

If boric acid comes into contact with your skin, use a lot of running water to wash the affected area. Moreover, rinse your eyes using cool water for about 15 minutes if it gets into your eyes.

On the other hand, seek medical treatment immediately if you happen to swallow boric acid.

While boric acid is harmful to humans, it’s safe for the environment, so using it to get rid of moles in your yard is an eco-friendly solution.


Your lawn doesn’t have to suffer from the disastrous effects caused by moles when you can drive them away or kill them using boric acid.

To get rid of moles in yard with boric acid:

Flood mole tunnels with a mixture of boric acid and water, borax will be absorbed into the soil. Moles cannot stand the smell of boric acid, and its sting will indeed have these rodents escaping your lawn.

Hopefully, the three methods discussed above will help you bring your lawn back to its beautiful self in no time.

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