About Us


I’m Derek Schew, together with my wife {Julie Schew}, we run Lawn holic. We’ve been gardening and lawn care for over 13 years. Here we want to share our experiences with you all in hopes that it will help someone who is just starting out or has a lot of interest in the field.

LawnHolic is the place to find great tips on starting a new lawn whether by seeding or sodding, watering, fertilizing, weeds and pests control and mowing schedules for various turf grasses. There are also details on suitable tools and equipment for your lawn.

Having a well maintained lawn is an important part of our daily life. It not only makes us feel good but also provides a healthy environment for us. In short, it helps us lead a healthier life. Let’s help you learn how to do it right. Feel free to ask any questions by email or by contact form.