20 Low-Maintenance Full Sun Perennials For Front Yard

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Is your sunny front yard in need of a bit of life and vibrancy, but you don’t have the time or inclination to invest in high-maintenance landscaping? If so, you’re in the right place.

There are numerous low-maintenance perennials that thrive in full sun and require minimal upkeep, thus perfect for a stunning yet effortless front yard. These hardy plants are resilient and provide a splash of color and texture throughout the growing season.

Low-maintenance, sun-loving perennials are your ticket to a breathtaking, stress-free front yard. Below are the 15 best options for your consideration.

20 Low-Maintenance Full Sun Perennials For Front Yard

 20 Low-Maintenance Full Sun Perennials For Front Yard

Here is a list of low maintenance perennials for your front yard: 

1. Black Eyed Susan

Low-Maintenance Full Sun Perennials For Front Yard


This iconic perennial flower is incredibly tough and can flourish in poor soil. Once established, Black Eyed Susan is tolerant to drought, and you’ll just need to water it occasionally.

Although Black Eyed Susan can tolerate some shade, choose a location exposed to direct sunlight 6 hours per day or longer for optimal blooming. This way, your front yard will dazzle with its golden-yellow, daisy-like flowers.

Hardiness zones: 4-9

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2. Daylily

low-maintenance perennials full sun

This plant is a favorite of mine because it isn’t fussy; just plant it and let it be, and it will thrive. Grow it in sunnier spots to get more flowers. Water your newly planted daylilies until they develop strong roots.

Established daylilies generally do not require supplemental watering except during prolonged drought. Daylilies are perfect for filling in borders, mass plantings, or adding texture to mixed perennial beds because they have a clumping growth habit.

Hardiness zones: 3-9

3. Russian Sage

low-maintenance flowers that bloom all year

Russian Sage’s tall spires of lavender-blue flowers and aromatic silvery-gray foliage create a striking display, particularly in full sun and well-drained soils. Grow it in full sunlight for optimum flowering and overall growth.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t expose it to light shade, but remember, too much shade can result in leggy growth and fewer flowers.

Hardiness zones: 4-9

4. Sedum

low-maintenance perennials full sun

As a late bloomer, sedum will add late-season color to your front yard in late summer to fall before winter comes. The flowers come in white, yellow, pink, and red shades, and they not only dazzle, but their nectar attracts bees and butterflies.

Different sedum plant cultivars and species have varying heights and growth habits. For instance, sedum acre is a low-growing ground cover that stays under 6 inches tall.

Hardiness zones: 3-8

5. Coneflower

easy perennials that bloom all summer

For summer-long blooms, grow coneflowers. This perennial’s flowers are daisy-like, with large, prominent centers and vibrant petals that radiate outward from a central cone. Coneflowers are a staple in many gardens because they love sunlight and easy care.

Coneflowers have a tendency to self-seed, so monitor them and pull out the ones growing in areas of your front yard where you don’t want this plant growing.

Hardiness zones: 3-9

6. Lavender

low-maintenance flowers that bloom all year

This lovely perennial plant is a top choice for a fragrant front yard as it has narrow, aromatic leaves and small, fragrant flower spikes. Besides a pleasantly smelling front yard, lavender will make this part of your home stunningly beautiful with purple, blue, pink, and white flowers.

Plant lavender in parts of your front yard with ample sunlight and great air circulation.

Hardiness zones: 5-9

7. Shasta Daisy

low-maintenance outdoor flowers

Like coneflower, shasta daisy is perfect for adding summer cheer to your sunny front yard. This easygoing perennial has moderate water requirements and prospers in moist ground.

In addition, grow your shasta daisies in well-drained soil with average fertility. Rich soil causes them to produce fewer flowers and more leaves. Deer and rabbits don’t favor this plant.

Hardiness zones: 4-9

8. Catmint

perennials that are hard to kill

Cats love this plant. Beyond that, this perennial is low-maintenance, drought-tolerant, and attracts pollinators. You can add it to your herbaceous perennial beds or use it as a border plant or groundcover in your front yard for color and interest.

Regularly prune your catmint after flowering to promote bushier growth and encourage additional blooms.

Hardiness zones: 3-9

9. Salvia

low-maintenance outdoor plants full sun

Salvia is another perennial plant that loves the sun and would suit your front yard. Its appearance varies widely, but most varieties feature aromatic foliage and spikes of tubular flowers. Salvia plant sizes range from low-growing ground covers to tall, upright plants, hence suitable for different landscape settings.

Salvias’ peak flowering is in summer. Some varieties have long-lasting blooms and can continue flowering until the first frost.

Hardiness zones: 5-11

10. Coreopsis

plants that like full sun and heat

I recommend this flowering perennial if you want a plant with a long blooming period. Coreopsis’ life season can last several months. In order to enjoy this plant’s daisy-like flowers with vibrant yellow, orange, pink, or red petals and contrasting dark centers into early fall, plant them in early summer.

Coreopsis is easy to care for; despite tolerating some shade, it is best suited to full sun.

Hardiness zones: 2-11

11. Blanket Flower

low-maintenance outdoor plants full sun

Blanket flowers love light, so give them as much as possible. As a matter of fact, any shade makes this plant flower poorly and become floppy and stretchy. Shade also puts blanket flowers at risk of getting powdery mildew.

Fertilizers encourage foliage development over flowering in blanket flowers. This plant actually thrives in poor soil and doesn’t need much or any fertilizer.

Hardiness zones: 3-10

12. Red Hot Poker

low-maintenance perennials full sun

Red hot poker, also called torch lily or poker plant, performs best when exposed to direct sunlight 6 hours a day or longer. Once established, it is low maintenance and suitable for areas with limited water because it can withstand dry conditions.

As a perennial plant, red hot poker will give your front yard long-lasting beauty year after year without having to replant it.

Hardiness zones: 4-9

13. Pink Muhly Grass

low-maintenance outdoor plants full sun

This low-maintenance ornamental grass is a sight to behold from late summer. This is when it produces vibrant pink to reddish-pink flower plumes rising above the foliage, creating a cloud-like effect that sways gracefully in the breeze.

Even after the flowers fade, the plant retains its structural interest throughout the winter. Consider this perennial if you want some color, movement, and texture in your front yard.

Hardiness zones: 5-9

14. Rose Mallow

Low-maintenance perennials for sun

Also called hardy hibiscus or swamp mallow, this native perennial is known for its large, showy flowers. Its impressive flower display is complemented by its lush, green foliage, giving you a perfect candidate for a striking focal point plant.

This full-sun perennial dies back to the ground in winter but re-emerges in late spring.

Hardiness zones: 4-9

15. Yarrow

Low maintenance plants that come back every year

Yarrow is a great option if you are looking for a resilient and visually pleasing plant that requires minimal upkeep for your front yard. This easy, low-growing perennial can survive in various climates and performs best in sunny locations.

It grows vigorously, making it ideal for filling spaces. Moreover, it’s excellent for adding texture to spaces because of its attractive, feathery, fern-like foliage.

Hardiness zones: 3-9

16. Creeping Phlox

Fill your front yard with this sun-loving, low-growing perennial for splendid colors all summer. You can get phlox in different colors such as pink, red, purple, white, and even bi-colored patterns that you can mix to make your front yard much more appealing.

Creeping phlox typically blooms in early spring, providing a burst of color after the winter.

Hardiness zones: 5-9

17. Gaura

Low-Maintenance Perennials for Sun and Shade

Native to North America, particularly the prairies and Texas’ meadows, this hardy, low-maintenance perennial is known for its exceptionally long blooming period, typically from late spring through fall. Its flowers open in succession along the stems, continuously providing color for many months.

Breeze causes Gaura’s flowers to sway gracefully. This plant is resilient, has minimal maintenance needs, and is notably drought-tolerant once established.

Hardiness zones: 5-9

18. Agastache

beautiful perennials for yard

This plant is highly favored for its drought tolerance, long blooming period, and low maintenance requirements. Full sunlight favors Agastache and can adapt to different soils, including poor, well-draining ones.

Appearance-wise, Agastache has tall, upright growth and tubular flower spikes that are highly attractive to pollinators. Also, its leaves have anise or mint-like fragrance.

Hardiness zones: 3-10

19. Helenium

low-maintenance flowers that bloom all year

Growing to 2 to 5 feet high, this robust, hardy perennial thrives in full sunlight and prefers damp, well-drained, moderately fertile soils, although it can tolerate other soil conditions. Heleniums are renowned for their vibrant, daisy-like flowers with a distinctive central cone and petals that often have a slightly drooping habit.

You may need to stake some of Helenium’s taller cultivars.

Hardiness zones: 3-8

20. Butterfly Weed

To complete our list is a perennial plant known to support pollinators, particularly monarch butterflies. Gardeners favor the butterfly weed for its hardiness and low maintenance requirements. Once established, it resists pests and deer and tolerates drought.

Butterfly weeds typically reach 1 to 3 feet high and feature narrow, lance-shaped leaves. Its deep taproot makes it a resilient and drought-tolerant plant but water it regularly until it is established.

Hardiness zones: 3-9


The perennial plants above give you more time to enjoy them rather than tending to them. They are not only beautiful and hardy but also resilient and low maintenance, hence ideal for seasoned and novice gardeners. Select your favorite low-maintenance, full-sun perennials to establish your dream front yard. Ensure the chosen plants suit your area’s growing conditions and that their form and colors complement the space.

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