9 Bad Boy Mower Problems (Troubleshooting)

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Are you tired of your Bad Boy Mower turning into a Bad Luck Mower? It can be frustrating to invest in a machine that promises to make your lawn care easy and efficient, only to be met with a host of problems.

From engine troubles to deck malfunctions, these issues can cost you time, money, and a lot of headaches. But fear not, as we’ve rounded up the top 9 Bad Boy Mower problems and their solutions to help you get back to a beautiful lawn without the hassle.

So, if you’re a proud Bad Boy Mower owner, keep reading to discover how you can avoid these common issues and keep your lawn care game strong.

9 Bad Boy Mower Problems 

Common Bad Boy Lawn Mower Problems
Bad Boy  Mower


Here are the common bad Boy mower problems and how to fix them.

1. Bad Boy Mower Won’t Start or move.

Sometimes your bad boy mower won’t start, this issue can result from multiple reasons. These include fuel pump issues, bad connections, blockage in the air filters, and bad or drained batteries.

Moreover, the mower may fail to start or move because of a bad spark plug, old fuel, or dirty carburetor.

To troubleshoot this problem, do the following:

  • Faulty Wiring- Make sure every visible wire is connected properly
  • Battery- Check the battery, ensuring it’s connected well and not charging slowly.
  • Fuel Tank– Ensure there is no water in the fuel tank and the mower isn’t running on a month-old fuel.
  • Dirty Air Filter– Confirm that the air filter is not dirty or clogged.
  • Spark Plug– Inspect the condition of the spark plug and make sure its wire is rightfully attached.


  • Starting Procedures- Follow the correct procedures for starting the mower. Your Bad Boy lawn mower may fail to turn on if you don’t follow the proper starting procedures.
  • Fuel Injection- inspect the fuel injection to ensure the engine receives the fuel.
  • Dry Fuel Pump- self-propelled or gas-powered mowers are susceptible to this issue. Your lawnmower may become inert or seize if it has a dry fuel pump.

If necessary, you may need to replace the fuel cap, air filter, spark plug, and the fuel pump or line.


2. Alignment problem

If your Bad Boy lawn mower derails from the mowing track or pulls sideways while mowing, it has an alignment issue.

It is caused by some tires providing better grip than others, poor adjustments in specific tires, or malfunctioning shock absorbers (dampener).

You can fix an alignment issue by repairing hydraulic problems and correcting the wheel pressure.

Your mower tires should be pumped with the recommended PSI at all times to prevent the machine from leaning towards one side (the one with underinflated tires).

Moreover, inspect the mower for oil leakage around the transaxle’s different parts.

However, remember these solutions are only applicable if the problem isn’t caused by a significant mechanical failure or a transaxle defect.

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3. Deck Lift Systems Failure

A Bad Boy mower’s deck lift systems are designed to provide the frame with reliable and sturdy support while keeping the height adjustments.

However, sometimes the electric deck lift may fail to lift or lower the deck properly.

The issue can be caused by:

a) An Unleveled Deck

Your mower’s deck needs to be leveled, so raise it and ensure all its four corners, from right to left and back to front, are level.

Furthermore, the front has a 1/4-inch pitch.

b) Poor Housing Sealing

Spread a sealant gasket on the actuator housing that isn’t sealed properly.

c) A Moist Actuator

Your mower’s deck may fail to lower or lift if there’s moisture in the actuator housing or it’s not sealed correctly. Therefore, unscrew and inspect it, then clean and seal it well.

d) Shaft Screwing Failure

The actuator lifts and lowers the deck if the shaft’s screws move in and out with the actuator’s spinning.

Therefore, make sure the screws are properly fitted and functioning well.

e) Rusty Screw Shaft Sleeve

Clean and grease the shaft sleeve’s screw if it’s rusty.

4. Vibrating Mower Problems

It’s natural for a lawnmower to vibrate while operating, but you might have an issue if the vibrations are excessive.

It’s an indication of a bad clutch, broken or loose parts, presence of stuck debris, or worn-out linkages.

Even the slightest mishap can cause vibrations, so examine your Bad Boy lawn mower attentively. Depending on the cause of the vibration, here’s how to solve it:

  • Replace a bad clutch.
  • Replace missing bolts and tighten engine bolts.
  • Replace damaged blades and balance them.
  • Remove the debris in the blade shaft and make sure the spindle isn’t damaged.
  • Replace worn-out or broken pulleys and belts.
  • Remove any foreign material that can jam up your mower.

Replace the bearings of a bad spindle housing or the entire assembly.

5. Leaking Gas

It’s not easy to detect that you have a leaking gas problem until you smell the odor of gas from your storage shed or see a burnt grass trail.

However, even with that, finding out the part leaking the gas isn’t an easy feat because fuel evaporation may have occurred already when you finally inspect the mower leaving behind no clues.

The causes of leaking gas are a bad fuel tank and fuel shut-off valve, an old or bad fuel filter, cracked fuel lines, and a gas gap that doesn’t seal. Replacing these components solves the problem.

Moreover, a dirty carburetor can cause component blockage or failure, leading to gas leaks.

You will need to clean your Bad Boy lawn mower’s carburetor and change damaged parts to correct this problem.

6. A Weak Hydrostatic Transmission Problems.

Using a lousy pulley or hydraulic belt can make your lawnmower’s hydrostatic transmission feel weak.

In addition, having old or insufficient hydraulic oil in your mower’s hydraulic tank also causes weak transmission.

Replace it if your issue stems from a worn-out, cracked, or frayed drive belt. On the other hand, replace the tensioner pulley and apply grease on the tensioner arm if the tensioner is bad.

Moreover, Bad Boy recommends changing the hydraulic oil consistently.

7. Bad Boy Mower Transaxle Problems

A transaxle transmits power from a mower’s engine to its wheels, making it a fundamental component that must be in excellent condition for the mower to move appropriately.

You will find NOT USER-SERVICEABLE transaxles in most low-priced Bad Boy  Zero turn lawn mowers.

They are supposed to remain operational throughout the mower’s lifetime, and you cannot service them.

Transaxle problems can be caused by a defective or damaged charge hydro/pump system, which should be diagnosed and fixed by a reliable mechanic.

Moreover, hydraulic fluid leakages can bring about transaxle issues, fixed by installing seal kits.


8. Defective Spindle Problems

Spindles make sure the blades spin properly, so when they malfunction, they cause uneven blade spinning, translating to uneven cuts.

Watch out for the following signs to diagnose a defective spindle:

Squealing Sound- the spindle’s bearings are likely worn out, or the whole component is damaged if the mower produces squealing sounds while moving.

Slow Heating- a spindle preload can make the spindle heat up after being used for over 30 minutes.

Low Vibrations Sounds- worn-out spindle bearings can also generate low buzzing sounds.

Bent or Damaged Spindles- You must replace your Bad Boy lawn mower spindle if it’s visibly bent or damaged, causing uneven blade spinning.

9. Fast Draining Battery

While many reasons can cause your mower to stop working, battery inspection should be top of your list when identifying Bad Boy lawn mower problems.

Your mower battery may be draining fast due to the following reasons:

  • A damaged battery charger- replace your mower’s electrical system
  • Battery life– replace the battery
  • Corrosion around your battery is causing a loose connection– Clean and tighten the battery’s connection

Can you troubleshoot a Bad Boy Mower at home?

Yes, it’s possible to troubleshoot your Bad Boy mower at the comfort of your home if you have the necessary tools and technical skills.

However, it’s better to seek the services of a certified, reliable mechanic for problems such as the replacement of blades, transaxle, and filters and if the hydraulic fluid is leaking. 

If you are dealing with massive Bad Boy mower problems, check if your warranty is still viable, then call the company to send a certified service technician to help solve the problem.

Knowing how to troubleshoot your mower allows you to identify common issues you can easily solve without spending money consulting a mechanic.

In addition, it will ensure you have your mower at your disposal without major interruptions.


The average lifespan of Bad Boy mowers is 3 to 4 years, delivering 1500 to 2000 lawn mowing hours.

However, to achieve that, you must maintain and service your mower well and fix common problems.

Most common bad boy mower problems include:

  • Bad boy mower hydraulic  problems.
  • Transaxle problems.
  • Hydraulic  problems.
  • Electrical problems.
  • Clutch problems.
  • Bad boy mower spindle problems.
  • Belt problems.
  • Brakes problems.
  • Bad boy mower pro switch problems.

You don’t always have to rely on an expert mechanic to fix your Bad Boy lawn mower problems since you can troubleshoot most of them.

However, don’t do it if you are not confident you can handle the job.


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