40+ Lawn Games For Kids And Adults 2024

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Do not leave your kids staring at their gadgets all day when there are a plethora of activities they can enjoy outdoors.

After all, studies show that outdoor time is excellent for your kids’ overall health, including better eyesight and lowering anxiety.

So, utilize your lawn for your children’s enjoyment and better health.

Lawn Games For Kids And Adults

Best Lawn Games For Kids And Adults

To help you get started, check out these lawn games for kids and adults.

Backyard Water Games for Kids

1. Splash in your own backyard swimming pool

This Evajoy Inflatable Play Center Kiddie Pool with Slide, Wading Lounge Kids Pool is our favorite. It comes with an inflatable palm tree, coconut palm, dolphin, fish and coral for all the fun of the beach in your own backyard.

2. Fun Water Sprinklers

You don’t want to buy a swimming pool but you are still looking for a bit of fun with the water for the little ones? Use this Chuchik Outdoor Water Spray Sprinkler for Kids and Toddlers for a bit of water fun.

3. Waterslides

Waterslides are a great way to entertain your kids, and they’re also a very economical and environmentally friendly investment in your backyard.

This one is our favorite Sunny & Fun Mega Climb N’ Go Inflatable Water Slide Park

4. Trampoline Sprinkler for Kids

Trampoline sprinklers are a great way for your kids to enjoy the outdoors without breaking the bank.

If your children enjoy having fun in the water, they can play these backyard games for kids.

5. Water Balloons

The hot summer presents an excellent time to play with water balloons. Just fill water into balloons of various colors, then let the kids toss them to each other.

6. Marco Polo

Your kids can play this game if you have a swimming pool. At the shallow end, the kid who’s IT closes their eyes yells, “Marco,” and the rest yell, “Polo.” The IT finds them and tags the next person to be IT.

7. Sprinkler Tag

This game is fun, keeps the kids cool in summer, and is also great for your grass. Let your children run wild with sprinklers.

Kids can attempt running across without the water hitting them. You get eliminated if you fail.

8. Bob for Apples

Drop many apples into a baby pool full of water then your kids can attempt to bite off the apples using their mouths. The winner is the kid that bobs the most apples.

Lawn Ball Games for Your Kids

Below are fun yard games for kids played with balls.

9. Dodgeball

You only need your lawn, a ball, and at least three kids to enjoy this classic game. The goal is for the kids to eliminate the opposing team members by hitting them with a ball.

10. Kickball

Set up bases similar to a baseball game and a pitching ground. You’ll need two teams, each with a kicker. The game is played by kicking the ball with your feet.

11. Flag Football

This game requires a flag/flag belt for every player and a football. The goal is to get the ball over the opponent’s line without having your flag pulled.

12. Pickleball

backyard games for kids

Your kids can enjoy this game in the summer if they have already learned the strategies and rules in school. Ensure you have some balls and a pickleball paddle.

13. Jacks

This sit-down style ball game requires jacks and a small ball. It is best played by two players on a flat surface, including the sidewalk or porch.

14. Soccer

Your kids can play a simple version of soccer in the yard. They can practice dribbling, kicking and stealing balls, and even scoring.

15. Piggy in the Middle

Players in a circle try to prevent the one at the center from getting hold of the ball.

Group Fun Yard Games for Kids

These outdoor games for kids are best enjoyed in a group.

16. Hide-And-Go-Seek

lawn games for kids

People of all ages enjoy this classic game, so you can use your backyard to play hide-and-go-seek with your kids. You can make it a fun family activity.

17. Red Light, Green Light

In this game, you can only move if the kid who’s IT turns their back and freeze if they are looking. If IT finds you moving, you must go to the starting point.

18. Races

Your kids can participate in various kinds of races, such as crab walk, three-legged, middlest, one-legged, backward, slowest, and fastest. Your kids can take turns picking the races.

19. Simon Says

Using the phrase “Simon Says,” Simon tells the participants what to do. A player is out if they do what Simon says when they haven’t used the phrase. The last kid standing becomes Simon.

20. Kick The Can

The kid who’s IT in this game guards the can while the other kids hide, then run out and attempts to kick the can. If a hider is caught by IT, they go to jail.

21. Tug of War

Tie a bandana or an old t-shirt in the middle of the rope, then mark a center point with another rope or a different object.

In a team, the kids will try to pull the rope to get the bandana beyond the center. The group that succeeds first wins.

22. Paper Airplanes

Help your kids make paper airplanes after gathering the needed supplies. Deploy the paper airplanes on the lawn to see which one flies the farthest.

23. Frisbee

While one person can play this game, it is more fun if multiple kids take turns throwing the frisbee. If someone fails to catch the frisbee, they are out. Create a circle in your backyard to play the game.

24. Scavenger Hunt

You can grab things from the house, hide them in your backyard, and then have your kids find them using different clues. You can make the scavenger hunt easy, medium-difficult, or extremely difficult.

25. Hula Hoop

One person can also play the hula hoop alone, but your kids can do it together in the backyard to see who can do it the longest time without dropping the hoop.

26. The Grass is Lava

Lay down yoga mats, towels, blankets, and pool floats on the grass, then have the kids reach the ground to pick various items without falling onto the lava (grass).

27. Twister

Spinning the wheel indicates the dot one needs to put their feet or hands on. You get eliminated if you knock out or topple another player. The Yard offers enough space for playing twister.

28. Parachute

Get a lightweight ball (beach ball or a nerf) and a blanket or a big bed sheet. With everyone holding the sheet, ensuring it is flat, put the ball at the center, then wave the sheet up and down and watch the ball roll around or even pop up.

29. Digging for Dinosaurs

Hide dinosaur toys or any other toys on your lawn and let the children extract them.

Lawn Games For Kids’ Birthday Parties

30. Musical Chairs

You just need at least three kids, some songs, and chairs to execute this game. The idea is to sit the moment the music stops, and the person left standing is out.

31. Freeze Dance

The kids dance to music and then freeze once it stops. The ones that continue dancing are eliminated.

32. Duck, Duck, Goose

This game’s a classic. The kids sit in a circle, then one walks around patting the players’ heads, saying duck duck duck then tapping one player as Goose.

The tapped player will run around the circle to regain the place; if they succeed, the goose repeats the whole process.

33. Ghost in the Graveyard

Set a place in your lawn as a home base. One kid will be the ghost, and they will try to capture as many players as possible. Yell “Ghost in the Graveyard” if you notice the ghost as you run, then run to the home base before getting tagged.

34. Bozo Buckets

This game entails standing in a line and throwing ping-pong balls into buckets. You can use any buckets you have at home, like sand buckets.

35. Bubbles

Your kids will undoubtedly enjoy this game. You can decide to make your bubbles or buy them and let your children run wild in the yard blowing bubbles.

Outdoor Games for Kids to Play With Ropes

36. Water Jumping

In this game, one kid spins a rope while the others jump five times while holding a cup of water. The kid with the most water in the end wins.

37. Helicopter or Snake Bite

One kid spins a jump rope on the floor while the others jump it when it comes around. You are eliminated if the string hits you, with the last kid standing becoming the next snake or helicopter

38. Limbo

Kids try to go under a rope, and the string goes lower with every round.

39. Double Dutch

You need two roper twirlers who will turn two ropes on opposite sides. The other kids will skip the ropes. This is a good team sport.

40. Cat and Mouse or Jump Rope Tag

This game is played by two rope twirlers and two players and entails the mouse doing a specific number of jumps on a spinning rope, followed by the cat doing the same hops.

The cat tags the mouse when they aren’t jumping or if they make a mistake.

41. Jump Rope Races

Use the space on your lawn to conduct jump rope races. You can time the jumpers with a stopwatch.

42. Chinese Jump Rope

While a Chinese jump rope is more complex, kids can easily learn. However, you must purchase a Chinese jump rope.


You do not need to spend much money on lamb games for kids; some do not require money entirely.

Most can be done using items already in your home, like ropes, water, toys, and balls.

Encourage your kids to try new things to build their creativity and skills and simply for entertainment.

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