How To Get Rid Of Chipmunks In Your Yard

You have likely seen a chipmunk scurrying across the ground or climbing trees and even enjoyed their presence. This is especially since they are super cute rodents with compact slender bodies. However, you will feel differently if they invade your yard. Don’t let their adorable tiny bodies fool you into thinking they are harmless. Chipmunks … Read more

8 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Grubs in Lawn

Grubs can cause significant damage to your lawn, leaving it brown and patchy. These pests feed on the roots of grass, making it difficult for your lawn to absorb water and nutrients.  While chemical pesticides can be effective in getting rid of grubs, they can also be harmful to the environment and your health.  In … Read more

Natural Ant Killer Without Borax

Ants may be tiny insects, but you cannot underestimate the magnitude of damage they can cause. This includes property damage, attracting other pests, and posing health risks. Therefore, ignoring their presence in your home is not an option. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get rid of ants from your property, including DIY ant killer … Read more

Scarified Lawn Looks Terrible (Should You Be Worried)

You shouldn’t be worried about your lawn looking bad after scarifying because the destruction is only temporary. Your lawn should recover within 4-6 weeks. Scarifying your yard helps remove excess thatch and moss, improve drainage, and let nutrients get to the roots. Your lawn maintenance regimen should include scarification, but make sure you pick the right … Read more

Can Human Urine Kill Grass?

Your kids may have developed the habit of peeing on the lawn, or you relieve yourself on your grass while stumbling home after a night out with friends. The consequences of these actions on the grass are sure to make you panic, wondering if the lawn you spent so much time working on is ruined … Read more